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Introducing The SkyTools Starter Edition

The SkyTools Starter Edition is like having an expert astronomer look over your telescope or binoculars, appraise your sky conditions, select the best objects to see and then help you find them in the sky.

The SkyTools Starter Edition does two basic things: it helps select objects that are appropriate for your telescope or binoculars on a given night, and it helps you find them in the sky.

This edition of SkyTools 3 is for beginning backyard observers using binoculars and small telescopes (apertures up to 4.5-inches or 120 mm).

The famed SkyTools Nightly Planner has been made so simple that anyone can use it. Let SkyTools provide the expertise!

Did you or a family member recently receive a new telescope as a gift?

Do you want to show the kids interesting things in the sky?

Not sure what to look at?

Tell SkyTools a little about your location and telescope (or binoculars) and enter a date. SkyTools will do the rest, listing the best objects to look at and making easy-to-use finder charts to take you to them.

The SkyTools Starter Edition is utterly unique software for novice observers. It doesn't try to be all things to everyone or add complicated features in an attempt to appear impressive. It does one thing and it does it very well: help beginners see appropriate things in their telescope or binoculars.

The Starter Edition comes with a 100+ page observing guide and handbook written by an astronomy educator and lifelong observer.

Free Trial: Download Starter Edition (Windows)