About Skyhound

Skyhound is a maker of astronomy software. We are located in the village of Cloudcroft, at an elevation of 9000 ft in the dark skies of the Sacramento mountains of central New Mexico, USA. Skyhound is owned and operated by Greg Crinklaw. Greg is an accomplished programmer, is trained as a professional astronomer, and is a life-long amateur astronomer.

In 1991 Greg developed PC-Sky in his spare time while he was a graduate student. PC-Sky was the first realistic sky simulator for the desktop computer. Later, while working for NASA, he started thinking about astronomy software for observing, rethinking astronomy software from the point of view of observational astronomy. His dream was to create a software product that would bring all of the tools an observer needs together. Not only would they be part of the same app, but they would work seamlessly together as well, creating an efficient and powerful observing system. Most of all, the software had to be useful. This is how SkyTools was born.

In the years since, he has worked on the cutting edge of astronomy software, developing an accurate contrast model to predict the visibility of objects in the eyepiece, and more recently, the first comprehensive imaging model. But to Greg, these are just the foundation. It is the clever way these models are used, and his innovative, form-follows-function interfaces that has changed the way countless people observe.  

In a world full of planetarium and star charting programs, observing planners, and calculators, SkyTools is the first comprehensive software created from the ground up entirely for the purpose of observing.

We also host Greg's Observing at Skyhound, a resource for observers, including the highly popular Comet Chasing.