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SkyTools Frequently Asked Questions

Will SkyTools run on a Mac?

Not directly, but it does run (and is supported) on the Mac under PC emulators. See System Requirements for more information.

Is SkyTools kept up to date and are updates free?

Yes.  SkyTools is kept up to date with bug fixes and minor tweaks. 

What are the minimum system requirements for SkyTools?  Click here for the answer.

What is your upgrade policy when a new major version (e.g. SkyTools 4) is released?

Our upgrade policy is to offer owners of most previous versions of SkyTools an upgrade to the latest version at half price.  Those who can show that they purchased SkyTools in the months prior to the release of a new major version qualify for an at cost upgrade (usually about $12).

Can SkyTools be installed on more than one computer?

Yes.  Our license agreement allows the purchaser to install SkyTools on more than one machine, such as a desktop at home and a laptop to be taken into the field.

Can SkyTools Standard/Pro be returned for a refund if I am not satisfied?

Yes.  SkyTools can be returned for a full refund (less shipping) within 30 days of receipt for any reason.

If I have a question or a problem, is support provided?

Yes.  Questions can be directed to the SkyTools discussion group or directly to Skyhound by email or telephone.  Questions are usually answered promptly. For product support please fill out the form here.

Using SkyTools, is it easy to keep up with the latest comets, novae, supernovae and close-approaching minor planets?

All it takes is a click to download a set of SkyTools observing lists that contain the latest comets, novae, supernovae and interesting minor planets currently visible in most amateur instruments.

Does SkyTools work in the southern hemisphere?

Yes.  SkyTools works for any location on earth and the database covers the entire sky, not just what is visible from the northern hemisphere.

Are there many observing lists available to use with SkyTools?

Yes.  We have a depository of nearly 200 observing lists that include alignment stars for popular telescopes, various AL observing awards such as the Herschel 400, double stars, lists of objects to accompany books, magazine articles, etc. These can be downloaded from directly within the program.

Can I make my own observing lists with SkyTools?

Yes.  Add objects by their designation, use the powerful database search engine, or the Nightly Observing List Generator to find objects to add to your custom lists.

Can SkyTools control my telescope?

In most cases, yes.  The Real Time tool includes a telescope interface for most telescopes.  Real Time is included as part of the Professional Edition.  It is a separately purchased add-on to the Standard Edition. It is not available for the Starter Edition.

Can SkyTools simulate my telescope?

Yes.  SkyTools comes with a large listing of telescopes and eyepieces to choose from.  And if your instrument or eyepiece isn't listed you can easily create it.

Can SkyTools simulate my camera?

Yes.  The Professional edition of SkyTools comes with a large listing of telescopes and cameras to choose from.  And if your instrument or camera isn't listed you can easily create it.

Can I use SkyTools to make charts, calendars, event lists, etc. for my web site or club newsletter?

Yes. We do not exercise unreasonable control over what you do with the charts and data created with SkyTools.