SkyTools 4 Updates

Latest version: SkyTools 4.0b

Updates includes all previous fixes.

Update Manually

If connected to the Internet you will be prompted from within SkyTools to download the latest update automatically and no further action is necessary. To update manually, close SkyTools, download the update file from the link below and run it. 


Download latest SkyTools 4 update (10 MB)    

Fixes/Additions/Changes in Version 4.0b

  • A fix was made to a bug in the iTelescope update process

  • A new button has been added to the Subscriptions dialog that will force an update of your selected subscriptions

Fixes/Additions/Changes in Version 4.0a

  • Download and display of DSS images on the Imaging Project Composition tab is now supported 

  • Selecting a camera from the camera pool sometimes added the wrong camera

  • The Gain selection on the exposure calculator was not working properly

  • Classic stars were being drawn on the charts with an unwanted "shadow" outline

  • An important settings file was not being properly created the first time SkyTools was started, causing a wide range of strange behaviors 

  • The camera and filter pools are now being updated automatically from the web when SkyTools starts. This will allow Skyhound to quickly disseminate new cameras and filters

  • When SkyTools 3 observing lists with supplemental database objects are imported, an attempt is made to associate the supplemental database objects with newly added primary database objects

  • The YearBar sometimes failed to redraw properly as it was being computed

  • Supplemental Deep Sky Database objects were failing to delete

  • Some nebulae were failing to draw on the charts (including the Tarantula nebula)

  • The Exposure Calculator was using surface brightness calculations when Expose For was set to Stars

  • The air temperature units on the Exposure Calculator were not always working correctly, nor were they being saved properly

  • The STScI Digital Sky Survey image server has been added as choice to download DSS images from. Note that as of this writing the LEDAS server no longer seems to be working, apparently due to a problem on their end. 

  • Various problems associated with attachment folders have been addressed

  • Various problems associated with importing SkyTools 3 observing lists have been addressed

  • Various minor bugs have been fixed

Anticipated in the Next Update

  • Backup / Restore