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Installing SkyTools 2 for use with Windows Vista

In general SkyTools 2 works seamlessly with Windows Vista.  But there are two issues that Vista users should be aware of.

  • Windows Help is not distributed out of the box with Vista

In an unfortunate move for long time Windows developers and their customers, Microsoft has decided that they no longer wish to support their 32-bit Windows help that has been part of Windows going back many versions.  

In order for the SkyTools 2 help system to work on Vista you will need to download and install Windows Help from Microsoft:

Download Windows Help for Vista

Microsoft Windows Help for Vista Information

  • Installation Instructions for Windows Vista  

Because of the implementation of new security features in Vista SkyTools should be installed to a "public" location outside of the default "Program Files" hierarchy.  

If installed in the default location under some circumstances user data will no longer be saved properly.  Settings such as dates and locations will reset to their default after the program is closed or a new tab is opened.  To avoid this problem we recommend installing SkyTools to another location.

When the installer asks for an installation location we recommend:

c:\users\public\program files\skytools2\

Also, when asked if you want to install SkyTools for use by a single user or for use by all users of the machine, it is best to select the "all users" option.