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Common SkyTools 2.x Problems & Solutions

1. Various Internet features do not work, such as "Update 'current' lists from web" or the Import tab on the Data Manager. 

There are several things that could be stopping SkyTools from accessing the Internet from your computer.

  • Check to see if you have installed a firewall that may be blocking access to the Internet by SkyTools (such as Norton Internet Security).  Most firewall programs (such as ZoneAlarm) allow you to specifically allow certain programs so access the Internet.  There seems to be a specific issue regarding Norton Internet Security not allowing SkyTools to access the Internet, even when given specific permission to do so..  We suggest contacting Norton's support regarding this issue.  Also, see our statement below regarding Symantec's security products.

  • There was a Microsoft security update (Q832894) to Internet Explorer that had a bug in it which caused trouble accessing the web.  The solution is to install the later fix, which fixed the bug in their update.

  • Some Internet accelerator programs such as Netzero's HISPEED service will interfere with Skytools accessing the Internet.  These programs may need to be disabled in order for SkyTools to connect.

Older versions of the overbearing Norton firewall have a known bug that illegitimately denies access to the Internet to SkyTools (and certain other legitimate software products). 

2. The SkyTools help system fails and generates an error message when using Windows Vista

This problem is the result of Microsoft's decision not to include the standard Windows Help engine with Vista.

See Installing SkyTools for use with Windows Vista for the solution

3. Various settings such as the date and location are lost after closing the program or changing tabs when using Windows Vista

This problem is the result of security changes in Windows Vista.

See Installing SkyTools for use with Windows Vista for the solution

4. After entering a new telescope, your new telescope does not appear on the Default Settings for New Telescope dialog.

This is normal. The purpose of this dialog is to copy default chart settings from a telescope you have already set up.  That way you don't have to customize your new scope's chart settings. It is natural for your new telescope not to appear in the list (you can't copy it's settings to itself). In this case, use the "SkyTools Defaults" selection instead.

5. Program won't start -- message says "missing export WININET.DLL:InternetAutoDial" or something similar.

This problem occurs on some Windows 95 systems.  The WININET.DLL is a Windows dynamic link library that contains the code used by SkyTools to access the Internet.  This error occurs because this DLL is not installed on early Windows 95 systems.  The simplest solution is to install the latest version of Internet Explorer, which will install all of the Internet support files that SkyTools need to run.

See http://microsoft.com/windows95/downloads/default.asp

6. File not found error during installation from the CDROM. 

During installation you receive the following error:

Error 1311: Source file not found: ...

This problem occurs when the "Restrict CD-ROM access to locally logged-on user only" local security policy in Windows is set. 

The solution is to change the local security policy through the Local Security Policy application.

Open the Local Security Policy application under Administrative Tools in the Control Panel.

Under Local Policies->Security Options set the entry for "Restrict CD-ROM access to locally logged-on user only" to Disabled.

SkyTools 2 should install correctly afterward.

7. Version 2.1d only: when restoring a backup the Observing Lists check box is disabled as if the observing lists had not been backed up, even though they were.

The reason for this is that the program is looking for a subdirectory in the backup named "lists" that is no longer created by version 2.1d of the program.  Instead, a directory named "lists21" is created. 

This problem does not affect backups made prior to version 2.1d. 

The work-around is simple: rename the subdirectory "lists21" as "lists" in your backup before restoring.