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Planet Vistas renders accurate simulations of the Sun, Moon, planets and their satellites as currently seen from Earth.  The simulations are drawn to the Windows desktop wallpaper and are updated regularly to keep the depiction current.  

Version 1.06 -- released January 1, 2007.

Download Instructions
The program is in a file called planetvistas16.exe.  Click on the link below to start the download.  Your browser should prompt you to save the file. Save the file in a temporary folder.

Download Planet Vistas version 1.06 (planetvistas16.exe, 5.5MB)   

Planet Vistas Instruction Manual (pdf)  (also included above)

 Installation Instructions

  1. Start the installation program (planetvistas16.exe) by double clicking on it. This program will extract files and start the installation process.

  2. After installation you will be prompted to reboot your computer to start the program normally.  

Important: if you have a previous version of Planet Vistas installed close Planet Vistas before installing!

Once started the icon should appear in the system tray area of your Windows taskbar.  The desktop background should also update to a display showing a montage of planets as seen in real time.

To configure the program either double-click on the icon or right-click and select Configure.  You can also launch the manual file (pdf) from the configuration dialog.  Click the About button to verify the latest version was installed successfully.  It should report version 1.06.

Minimum System Requirements: Pentium II, 16-bit color graphics (256 colors not supported)

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP/2000/98. 

New in Version 1.06

  • A minor bug was fixed that kept the sun image from updating properly.

New in Version 1.05

  • The expiration date has been removed.

  • A bug affecting the orientation of the sun has been fixed.

New in Version 1.04

  • The original wallpaper can now be restored when it is blank (none)

  • The tile and style setting for your original wallpaper are now restored

New in Version 1.03

  • The size of each body is configured individually

  • Planets with moons can be automatically sized so that the moons will always be visible

  • Margins can be set to allow space for icons around the montage view

  • An option to reset to the original wallpaper has been added