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For a limited time only--purchase SkyTools 3 

and automatically receive a Free Upgrade to SkyTools 4

We are currently testing and adding finishing touches to SkyTools 4, which has been many years in development.

New in SkyTools 4

  • Updated and improved interface

  • Improved chart graphics

  • Updated, expanded, and corrected databases

  • Complete separation of visual observing and imaging (Pro)

  • Improved Event Finder and Calendar with reminders

  • Faster drawing of minor planets

  • Online sharing of equipment definitions, equipment cloning

  • Herschel identifications and discovery descriptions

Visual Observing

  • Tour mode

  • Unlimited Barlow lenses and focal reducers

  • New Objects Like This and Nearby Objects tools

  • Associate images/sketches directly with log entries

  • User-defined observing list columns

  • Dobson's hole avoidance

Imaging (Pro)

  • Revolutionary new workflow: target selection, project creation, scheduling, progress tracking and observation archive

  • New highly accurate imaging model

  • Support for all filters, including narrow band Ha, OIII, SII, etc.

  • Simple mosaics

  • Generate ACP plan files directly from the scheduler

  • Plan observations for iTelescope.net

These are just a few of the highlights; it would take many pages to list all of the new features and improvements!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fine print?

Free upgrades are available via download only and valid for the same edition as the original purchase (Starter, Standard, Standard + Real Time, or Pro). Upgrades to other editions are available at the usual price. 

How will I be notified?

We will email you at the email address you used to purchase SkyTools 3 when the upgrade is ready. 

What is the normal upgrade policy?

Our upgrade policy is to offer owners of previous versions of SkyTools an upgrade to the latest version at half price.  

When will SkyTools 4 be available?

We expect SkyTools 4 to be released in the first quarter of 2018.

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