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SkyTools 3 from Skyhound

SkyTools 3 is software designed from the ground up for observing.  SkyTools 3 includes a complete set of software tools for observation planning, charting, and logging.  The SkyTools 3 Professional Edition adds unique and powerful tools for imaging and an unprecedented database of stars to 20th magnitude over the entire sky.  Learn more...

SkyTools boasts an astronomical database second to none and is the premier software for the observer.  Compare Editions...

Use SkyTools on your Tablet, Laptop & Desktop

Our license allows you to install SkyTools on all of your computers and the Sync feature ensures that they all have the same data.

Plan your observing at your desk, then take your tablet or laptop out to the telescope. Log your observations in the field, and then view them on your desktop.  Read more...

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